Exeter Life

4 05 2011

I am from Spain and I came to Exeter to learn English but at the same time this has become the learning of a culture as well. I think Exeter is an awesome example of English culture, from the Quay with seagulls and swans until the University and Exeter College. Passing through the city center you can smell the worth of England which is based in the knowledge, the respect and the beauty. During winter Exeter is crying everyday perhaps to remind the Atlantic Ocean across the Exe river that within the Roman wall there is still a

princess that takes care of their people. Spring follows on after that emotion; this is nice example of natural forest. The princess will wear a dress of flowers for a long time and always respectful, she will allow to her people a rest taking a cup of tea while they are reading the Express&Echo.

Near the Castle there is the base of knowledge, the Central Library, in which there is a mixture of all ages with the single aim of learning. Faith has a good sign built 800 years ago; Exeter Cathedral enjoys its time in harmony with the song of the birds. The streets are full of a mixture of workers, students, artists, tourists, a melting pot of people that in other places could be impossible. They are served as ever by the ancient Guildhall. I am very happy to have lived this experience which belongs to Exeter and if you want to know more of Exeter I just encourage you to walk the streets. But just a final tip: do not try to get through Parliament Street together with a friend: it is
Enjoy Exeter

If you are interested in see the text and pictures please go to Central Library the next days it will be exposed with other of them, if you can not go, then do click in exeter(miguel angel carreno) to see it in pdf format.

Para los que queráis ver el texto con fotos será expuesto en Central Library junto con otros en los proximos días, si queréis bajároslo aquí os dejo el original en pdf: exeter(miguel angel carreno).